Welcome to the Henry Fund

The Henry Fund is an endowed equity portfolio managed by select MBA students enrolled in the Applied Securities Management course at the Tippie College of Business. The fund invests in companies that are industry leaders with above-average investment opportunities.

2016 Management Team

FRONT (left to right): Casey Spoden, Wallace King, Gaurav Ghantkar, Qian Wang, Ajay Kaushik, Nihar Patel. BACK: Charles Schaller, Josh Vander Plaats, Ben Martin, Cole Lambert, Sam Atari.

Each analyst works within one of 10 economic sectors and is responsible for developing an investment review, researching new companies to purchase, and evaluating the ideas of other managers. In addition, fund managers perform the administrative tasks of portfolio management, such as marketing the fund to outside donors and producing an annual report. An independent advisory board of financial professionals oversees the Henry Fund. At the end of each semester, fund managers present their research and investment recommendations to this board for approval.