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Volunteer Income Tax Assistance

Taxpayer Eligibility: 2018 Tax Returns
(2018 tax returns are the returns prepared in 2019)

VITA volunteers at our sites provide free tax help to taxpayers earning less than $55,000 a year (married taxpayers filing a joint return must have joint income less than $55,000 a year).

Our volunteers are trained to help you with your tax return. However, there may be complex issues for which we need to refer you to a paid preparer.

We cannot prepare your return if:

  • You were self-employed (you work for yourself or your income is reported to you on a form 1099) and have inventory or have business expenses exceeding $10,000

  • You used your home for business and must declare part of your home as a business expense

  • You have income from operating a working farm

  • You received income for renting your home or other residence to someone else for more than two weeks

  • You had non-taxable combat pay

  • You were a resident alien part of the year and a non-resident alien the other part of the year

  • You are a US citizen or resident alien with foreign earned income

  • You do not have a photo ID

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