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Volunteer Income Tax Assistance

What to Bring

In order to complete your tax return accurately, our volunteers need accurate information about you and your earnings. The U.S. Internal Revenue Service will reject your return if any of the names or social security numbers on it are incorrect. To make sure that your return will not be rejected, we will check your photo ID and also your social security cards.

Be sure to bring the following information with you so that we can prepare your return without delays.

  1. Your Photo ID. If you are married and filing a return together, bring a photo ID for your spouse, too.

  2. Social Security cards or ITIN letters (or Social Security Number or ITIN verification letters issued by the Social Security Administration) for you, your spouse, and anyone you supported during the year.

    If you do not have your social security card, you can get a free replacement card by visiting the Coralville Social Security Office. Information about acquiring a replacement card is found on this Social Security Administration webpage:

  3. Birth dates for you, your spouse, and anyone you supported during the year

  4. Copies of any federal and state returns that you filed during the calendar year 2017 (this most likely includes your 2016 tax returns). If you filed tax returns last year, we can't complete your Iowa state return, and may not be able to complete your federal return, without this information.

  5. 2017 wage and earnings statements. This includes all W-2, W-2G, and 1099-R forms from all employers. We cannot prepare your return if you have only payroll check stubs.

  6. 2017 interest and dividend statements. This includes all 1099 forms from any banks or other other companies that paid you interest or dividends.

  7. Other relevant information about income and expenses.
    • If you have child care expenses, bring the total amount paid for child care and the child care provider's identifying number.
    • If you paid tuition, bring your tuition statement (1098-T) and information about education expenses that you paid.
    • If you received the first time homebuyer credit in 2008, bring your 2008 tax return.
  8. Bank routing number and account number if you want your refund deposited in your bank account.

  9. A completed intake form, if possible. This will make preparing your return faster and also make sure that you have the information you need with you.

    The intake form is also available in Spanish and for non-residents. Links for those forms are listed a the bottom of this page.

    We have intake forms at the VITA sites for you to use.

  10. To file taxes electronically on a married filing joint tax return, both spouses must be present

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Intake Form - English

Intake Form - Spanish

Intake Form - Non-Resident Alien (used primarily by UI International Students)
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For more information about our Beta Alpha Psi VITA program, contact us at our dedicated VITA email address,, or Dr. Joyce Berg, our faculty advisor, at her faculty email address,